Nekomimi for Art of War using Savage Worlds, #SWADE

Nekomimi revision for our Savage Worlds Art of War setting.

A recent update from our Art of War Kickstarter for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

Think of Kemonomimi in Art of War as the Faunus found in RWBY.


Nekomimi are blessed with the blood from the cat spirits. Often viewed as lazy, Race Nekomimi Femalecapricious, and vain, nekomimi are creatures dedicated to exploration of luck in all its forms like their yokai antecedents. To truly understand them, one has to know they consider luck to be a living, sapient cosmic force (much like Chi). It is capricious and unpredictable, twisting events and coincidences according to its whims, sentiments, and desires. A nekomimi life is shaped by this understanding—they know the well deserved fruits of hard work can be taken away in a blink of an eye, the lazy can prosper, and the true love can be found and lost on the same night. This sense of impermanence and undeserved consequences of life makes nekomimi either detached and distanced from the life or passionately grasping the life as it comes.

While some nekomimi choose one of those stances over the other, many oscillate between those two philosophical paths (with the most extreme and the most stereotypical ones doing that on a moment’s notice). The more detached nekomimi respect the stoicism of the akaimimi, while the more hedonistic ones feel particularly aligned with the curiosity and joyfulness of araiguma and tanukimimi. Their opinion of inumimi and usagimimi tend to be less respectful, finding their communal spirits too restraining.

Like other kemonomimi, nekomimi are almost human, except for a pair of ears and a tail, resembling ears and tail of a cat. They are usually slender and lithe in build. Their skin colors ranges from pure black, through various bronzes, to reddish, orange,various tones of pink, to almost white, while their hair can be of any color seen in humans plus tones of green and blue. They can also have unusual combination of hair and skin color, such as orange hair and brown skin.

Fortune’s Agents, Fortune’s Playthings
There is a common sentiment among nekomimi that, despite all their supernatural power and command over the world, the deities are no less playthings at the mercy of the Fortune than the mortal beings. Heroes live with the blessing of the Fortune and die at the Fortune’s slightest whim more so than most other people. It is no wonder that mischievous nekomimi are attracted to adventuring life.
Racial Traits: 
Low Light Vision: Kemonomimi are born with the optic inheritance of their animal ancestors. They ignore penalties for Dim or Dark illumination.
Playing with Fortune: Nekomimi have a natural aptitude towards games of chance. They start with d6 Gambling.
Lucky: Fortune giveith. Nekomimi draw one additional Benny per game session. This may be combined with the Luck and Great Luck Edges.
Unlucky: Fortune takeith. They have the Unlucky Hindrance.