Monday Manga: Shaolin Sisters: Vol 2

Shaolin Sisters: 2 – All Action

Rating Summary

Art: 4 – Above Average

Story: 3 – Average so far

Dialogue and Development: N/A – Some dialogue, but all action

Overall: 4 out of 5

*Contains Minor Spoilers* Tentacle writes about events in the first volume of the manga. Don’t want spoilers, stop reading.

Just a short review:

Shaolin Sisters Vol. 2 does exactly as it should, delivers blow by blow action. This volume delivers the action in a manga I wanted to see. The angle of this book is 3/4th solid art, pure kung-fu action. While a little to follow what takes place on occasion, the bookstore clerk did not lie when they recommended  to me an action based story, and that is what I wanted.

Juline begins to fight her Pirate Sister, Seiline to prove who she is and that she is the daughter of their father Ryu. We also get the back-story of Seiline, how she became a Pirate Captain along with the relationship with the father. The battle ensues for a number of pages, where we also learn how Seiline’s sidekick/friend came into her life and trained her. Seiline became a rounded out character in this volume.

Sister Kalin didn’t receive too much attention in these pages, as she is still the “sweet” one.

We also introduce “Drake” another antagonist (demon?) who is after the bells. There is an incredible fight between him and the leading female antagonist, Bai Wang.

So will I continue reading the series after my first initial impressions? Yeah, I will pick it up when I get time. I’ve been catching up on Scum’s Wish, The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, and the latest chapters of Fuuka.


So it’s been some time since our last entry (17 days). It’s been crazy the last few weeks here for the tentacle. On Wednesday I’ll share the game development news on the progress of Project: BuXia.

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