Kitsune Clan Summary

In the character creation section of Art of War the clans are summarized for the player.


Kitsune Clan

Family Names: Cao, Dian, Honda, Kano, Mori, Oda, Sanada, Sima, Song, Sun, Toshie

Common Tenets: Courage, Honor

Common Tropes: Samurai, Youxia

Clan Techniques: Chi Attack, Great Wall, Mandate of Warriors

Heirs of the First Emperor, Kitsune Clan holds the act of loyalty to the clan more sacred than loyalty to the Empire. From its initial founding, clan members have commended fealty to the families stemming from descendants of the Oda bloodline. While the leading family has changed throughout years and several wars, the head of state has always held a militaristic role holding the title of Daimyo. As head of state Kitsune Daimyo has authority over the largest military population of any clan. Because of the Third Degree Doctrine, the Kitsune Clan also boasts the largest consortium of soldiers within the Imperial

Mon Kitsune Clan

Army that also fill the ranks of the Emperor’s personal guard. Those outside the clan fear this swell of security from one clan around the emperor could be to influential and put them in a position for a coup. Kitsune reassure others that these rumors are unfounded and are in direct control of the Emperor as per the Third Doctrine.

To coincide with its military might, the Kitsune Clan is responsible for the establishment of academically trained military officers known as Samurai. Samurai are not only a banner of superior loyalty and courage on the battlefield, but represent the high education standards developed throughout the Kitsune state. Kitsune Samurai of the Second Dynasty pushed for a standardized education for all soldiers. These samurai laid the foundation of educational reform throughout the Empire becoming the first teachers of the inaugurated Ministry of Academia. A ministry that is still headed by a line of successful Kitsune educators.

The tract of land for which their Providence is nestled gives Kitsune influential advantage over the Empire. To the immediate west the Providence ends just inside the Hanxia plains, sharing a border with the Tiger clan. To the northwest, along the same border with the Tigers shares a peaceful stretch of property that marks the territory of the Serpent Clan. Arcing over the full northern border sits Serpent’s Back mountain range holding back the Naga nation. The eastern border rest the disenfranchised and exiled clan members that have taken claim of Crab Reef. The southern territory is dotted with white sand beaches and swampy marshes as Kitsune lands dips into the Green Sky Sea. Near the middle of the providence stands the central pillar of the country, the capital city and home of the Emperor.

With so many potential threats on it’s borders, the Kitsune clan has developed a feudal system of control allowing for immediate response to threats. This is due in part to each of the eight regions maintaining a standing army and a centralized controlling office in each major city. Each regional office monitors and resolves disputes between bickering nobles and landowners. An office is governed by an appointed representative that serves as a direct connection to the Daimyo.


The Court of the Shapechangers have been struggling to rebuild the land since the Declaration of Red Pass. With the people of the Crab Reef claiming independence and separation of the clan, dispatching of disgraced and squabbling members, and the death of a famed Daimyo, has shaped the Kitsune Clan. It no longer seeks to rule all of the Imperial Lands. New perspectives of Lady Gion has gained momentum, changing the direction of the clan to revamp their image. For too long the clan has focused on conquest and war, now shifting its vision to protecting its people. They also look to secure infrastructure and rebuild the vast amounts of resources lost from past altercations.

In decades to come, after regaining the trust of the people, Kitsune leaders will look towards reclaiming the lost territory of the Crab Reef. With enough actual evidence, Lady Gion hopes to push for imperial approval to retaliate against the suspected Tiger Clan for the murder of her husband.

Clan Knowledge:

  • Lady Gion holds a private military force known as the Gion’s Pride. Members of this all female unit only operative under her orders, serving as her trusted guard, messengers, spies, and tactical operations unit. In public, they are easily identified in samurai battle attire with geisha make-up.
  • Over half the Empire claims lineage derived from the Kitsune Clan.
  • Improvements in technology and academics are attributed to the advancements from Kitsune warfare.
  • Members of the land fear there will be a internal clan politics and stall the reconstruction of the providence.
  • The late Daimyo and Lady Gion had yet to produce an heir.
  • Rumors say that a nine-tailed shape changing kitsune is born once every three generations, placed within the walls of a Tsuruhime temple and used as a direct connection to the goddess Daji.
  • A village near the imperial capital is host to the minor Fox Clan seeking imperial status. Several villages have pledge to back. Imperial Status would cut the Kitsune Clan down by a third.

Rumors & Secrets:

  • Kitsune nobles are sponsors of a rogue shinobi mercenary group known as the Left Hand Purple Lotus.
  • There hasn’t been a Kitsune in the halls of the Tsuruhime Temple in over 100 years. The temple has been unable to locate one. Some members fear that Daji has revoked the Clan’s divine mandate.
  • An group of youth want the clan to break from the Empire and return the clan to greatness.
  • Lord Sui, brother-in-law of Lady Gion, is working to undermine her authority and takeover as head of the Clan.
  • Lady Gion is said to be a Kitsune in human form.


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