Status of Art of War

Art of War Jumpstart, “Frozen Fields” is out now! And for FREE!

An updated I posted to our backers of our Kickstarter.


If you have backed the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition kickstarter and received ACE Jumpstart Bundle 4, you will notice we have our jumpstart “Frozen Fields” in that bundle.

In case you didn’t back the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition kickstarter (even if you did) but want to add it to the fray of freebies, here >>> is the link <<< to the jumpstart.

The core PDF for Art of War & Kui’s Journal are going to be released at the same time. What is the ETA? It is looking to be mid July with print shipping. My goal is to get the PDFs to you at end of June.

Let’s talk Frozen Fields pre-generated characters!

Art of War Frozen Fields jumpstartWe have two kemonomimi characters, both are usagimimi. Keeping track of the mechanics at home?

Species stat block: 

Defined by Trade: The Usagimimi all enjoy and respect hard work done by others. They strive to be successful in a skill of their own. Usagimimi start with one skill (of their choice) at a d6.

Low Light Vision: Kemonomimi are born with the optic inheritance of their animal ancestors. They ignore penalties for Dim or Dark illumination.

Rabbit Run: They have a +2 Pace and their running die is increased by a die type.

Skittish, Yet Dashing: Usagimimi subtracts 2 when resisting Taunt attacks and when making Intimidation rolls.

Teru is a female Shinobi with a specialty in infiltration and Big Brother has the Hero Trope.

Hero Trope? Yep, the chart rolling character creation Trope. Let’s glance at the raw text (subject to change based on your feedback and thoughts).

One of the following Core Skill starts as a d6:

  • 1: You may choose any of the below results
  • 2: Athletics
  • 3: Common Knowledge
  • 4. Notice
  • 5: Persuasion
  • 6: Stealth

The Hero makes one roll on the Edge table. They may select an Edge in that category ignoring Rank and Trait requirements, but must meet any Edge requirements. Example: Ironfist must already have Nerves of Steel to select Improved Nerves of Steel

  • 1-2: Background
  • 3-4: Combat
  • 5-6: Social
  • 7: Chi Edge
  • 8: You may choose any one of the previous results.

The Hero makes one roll on the Hero Qualities Table: d10

  • 1: Bravery – The hero begins with the Brave and Bolster Edge.
  • 2: Ingenuity – The hero increases Smarts by one die type and may reroll one Smarts related skill per session.
  • 3: Supportive – The hero begins with the Reliable and Command Edges.
  • 4: Strength – The hero increases Strength by one die type and adds +2 to all Str based damage rolls.
  • 5: Resilience – The hero gain +1 Toughness and adds a +2 to Soak Rolls.
  • 6: Morality – When the hero completes an act that results in benefiting the whole group without harming others, they gain a Benny. The hero increases Spirit by one die type.
  • 7: Passion – The hero begins with two skills at d6 and starts every session with an extra Benny.
  • 8: Flexibility – The hero increases Agility by one die type, and may reroll one Agility related skill per session.
  • 9: Confidence – When performing daring acts or faced with impossible odds, a hero receives a +2 to associated Trait rolls needed to complete it.
  • 10: Relentless – The hero increases Vigor by one die type and receive +2 on test to resist the effects of environmental based hazards (Heat, Cold, etc).

The hero makes one roll on Abilities Table d12

  • 1: Keep Going: By spending a Chi point or Benny, the hero may ignore all Wound and Fatigue penalties until the end of his next turn.
  • 2: Extra Effort: Select one known Chi Technique. When used the hero can apply a +1 modifier at no additional cost (if the technique this technique has the option of a modifier).
  • 3: Defensive: Once per round, a hero can deflect an attack against him by spending a point of Chi. This causes the enemy to completely discard the attack and classify it as a failure.
  • 4: Additional Edge: Choose one additional Edge, ignoring Rank and Trait requirements, but they still must meet any Edge requirements.
  • 5: Talismans: As an action, the hero can scribe a talisman in the same way as a Kui. Except the hero may only scribe Chi Techniques known to him.
  • 6. Ancestral Weapon: The hero inherits an antique weapon. The Hero treats this weapon as if she had the Trademark Weapon and it’s improved version. This also maintains a Chi Pool of 3. It can be tapped to fuel Chi related abilities with a free Spirit check. Once emptied, it must be refueled by the hero channeling Chi into it as an action and a Meditation roll.
  • 7: Companion: The hero begins with an animal companion, receiving the Beast Master Edge.
  • 8:  Chi Resistance: Chi Techniques that target the Hero suffer a -2 penalty and Chi powered damage is reduced by 2.
  • 9: Unnatural Speed: A hero doubles her base Pace.
  • 10: Oversized Weapon: To anyone else the weapon weighs a ton, but this exaggerated oversized weapon is light enough for you to wave around and is a Heavy Weapon in your hands. For a point of Chi, its damage die is increased by one die type until the end of your next turn.
  • 11: One More Go: Once per session, should a hero be Incapacitated, he may spend a point of Chi or a Benny to immediately remove a wound.
  • 12: Walk Your Own Path: Select any other result on this table, or choose 2 additional Chi Techniques and increase your Chi Pool by 1.

Then you get Dai Tong, the Youxia of the Serpent Clan. Youxia have Kensai which starts you at a Jutsu d6+1 when using your selected weapon. You also see a GREATLY revised Defensive ability, plus Conditioning. That’s the Youxia Trope.

The Samurai Trope is on display with Broken Blade. He also showcases the revised trope that now houses select Stances as part of the build. He gets flustered in situations of romantic entanglement with the Nosebleed Hindrance preview.

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