Jutsu (Unarmed) in Art of War

A look at an Unarmed Fighting Style that combines steel and fist.

Jutsu (Agility)

Race TerracottaJutsu represents a set of focused training in a category of melee instruments. Jutsu follows  all the rules of Fighting skill but uses rules as if the Skill Specialization setting rule was in place. When a character uses a weapon not encompassed within a Jutsu skill known he suffers a -2 penalty. Unlike Skill Specialization, each time a hero wishes to learn a new category through an Advance, it is counted as learning a new skill. Meaning, each Jutsu group is considered a separate skill.
The following categories are examples, but do not encompass the wide range of melee options available. Players and Narrators should be open to discuss adding, removing, cross grouping, or even creating new categories as needed to fit the campaign.

     Jutsu (Unarmed): Way of the Empty Fist comes in many different forms and is taught
in many different styles. This is the skill for the unarmed martial artist who likes to get in close and personal in hand to hand combat. Proficiency: fist, foot, headbutt, shoulders, legs, elbows, knees, toes.


Martial Arts Student
REQUIREMENTS: Novice, Jutsu (Unarmed) d6+
You are student taught in the Ways of the Fist or Open Palm. Learning a formalized style of unarmed combat gains the social benefit of being a full member of a community of common practice. Others of the same style will recognize you as an equal, if not a rival.
You gain the Benefit (but not the Mastery) from the martial aspects of the unarmed style learned. This comes with additional bonus to Jutsu (Unarmed) for overcoming opposing elemental styles. These can be found in the “Fighting Styles” section. When this Edge is gained, choose a fighting style for the Hero.

Martial Arts Master
REQUIREMENTS: Seasoned, Martial Arts Student, Jutsu (Unarmed) d8+
You have studied your style of martial arts for long enough to unlock the secrets of accomplished masters. You benefit from the Mastery level of a selected style you know.

Fighting Style:

Forging Steel

Element: Metal

Opposing School: +1 vs Wood styles

Forging Steel is a style taught to those who wish to combine blade and fist. One of the few unarmed styles that relies on at least one hand holding a manufactured weapon. Through exercise and meditation a martial artist of this style flows between weapon to unarmed strikes in seamless fashion landing stunning blows and quick cuts.  

Benefit: Select a weapon (this can be a Trademark Weapon). When using this style and welding the weapon, the martial artist uses Jutsu (Unarmed) skill when making attacks with this weapon and unarmed attacks. Should this weapon be lost or broken, a martial artist must train everyday for at least one week (GM discretion) to use this style with a new weapon.  

Mastery: The martial artist is considered Ambidextrous with the selected weapon and unarmed strikes and ignores Off-Hand penalties.

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