Basabasa Style in Art of War

You will be chicken feed! HI-YA!

Basabasa Beak Icon 9 - Female Monk

Element: Fire

Opposing School: +1 vs Metal styles

Before domestication, humanoids would study cower at the sight and sounds of battling basabasa over territory and matting rites. This style mimics the fiery attitude that comes along with the shredding capacity of a giant fowl’s beak and razor-sharp claws. It teaches straight forward strikes in quick rapid succession that can pierce the strongest armor.

Benefit:  All fist and headbutt attacks with Jutsu (Unarmed) have AP 4 and are treated as Heavy Weapons.

Mastery: Strength die on damage from fist and headbutt attacks is increased by a die type (max 1d12+3).

Author: Tentacle Greg

Game Designer. Watcher of Anime. Lover of Martial Arts Movies.

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