Faction: The Union (starfinder/starjammer)

After a week off, we are back with a brand new faction/organization for your Starfinder or Starjammer campaign setting.

After a week off, we are back with a brand new faction/organization for your Starfinder or Starjammer campaign setting. I want to take a second and say I love Valerian, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Dark Matter, Killjoys, Space Dandy, Robotech, Cowboy Bebop, even Firefly and Star Wars. What do all of these shows and anime have in common? An interplanetary government. Let’s take a look at a solar system that has such an organization that was inspired by the above list.

The Union

United Star Systems for the Advancement Sentient Species

Leader: Secretary-General Elliot
Headquarters: Terra

When the humanoids known as Terrans first took to the stars in the Sol System, it marked an age of rapid exploration for the world of Terra. They made contact with the advanced sentient species on neighboring planets that watched as the world of Terra overcame internal struggle to reach the stars.

The two worlds of Shgourrub and Edda held a mutual co-existence until this time. In order to hide their appearances from Terrans, for fear of interfering with their development, they used portals to travel between their planets. Using optical illusions with the aid of technology and electrical fields, the two planets masked their activity on the surfaces, by projecting barren wastelands or thick cloud cover. As probes launched from Terra entered the foreign atmospheres, a non-communication stance became increasingly difficult.

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, during the middle of their space development, a starship carrying intoxicated Grey “teenagers” crashed on Terra. The incident caused multi-solar system panic as an advanced race had “accidently” made contact with underdeveloped xenos. Known as the “Rothweil Incident”, Grey technology recovered from the crash accelerated the advancement Terran development. This was followed by failed attempts by Greys to recover the lost technology and erase the minds of Terrans, who have over active imaginations. It was only a matter of time for the sentient minds of Edda and Shgourrub would need to intervene.

The two planets launched a joint effort, diplomatic and one of aggressive defense, to protect Terra from the Greys. During this period, written as the “Rocket Age of Terra”, contact was made between the three planets. After the initial difficulties of breaking down barriers of communication and racial bigotry, Terrans joined their brothers and sisters in the stars. They even established technology to interact with the network of interplanetary portals connecting the previous two planets.

The three planets: muliti-biomes of Terra, the arid planet Shgourrub, and the jungle planet Edda, formed an alliance to advance technology, explore the solar system, establish a trade economy, and vowed protect one another against external threats. The planets of the Sol System would form a council that would be the start of the United Star System.

The United Star System (USS) planets pooled resources and technology to build a space station to be the launching point for joint colonization. The USS began to expand in size and cross-pollinate cultures, grabbing the attention other solar systems with Void traveling technology. It was only a matter of time for these species to interact and join in trade routes. The exchange of histories and data information, exotic fauna and flora developed into an ambassador program of good will. First one planet joined, and then another, soon multiple star systems began interacting on the USS space station. Treaties and terms between all the planets gave way to reform and inclusion of all willing races that would form today’s collective collaboration known as the Union.

Since the inception of the current Union, each member planet seeks peace among the shared worlds by carving out territories around home worlds for each to control. Doing this allows each participant to rule and defend each individual area of the quadrant in its own way, but is regulated by common guidelines set forth by the Union. The Union guidelines and functions include: rules of engagement in foreign diplomacy, laws for settling disputes over trade between Union worlds, standardizes currency, judiciary functions, acts as mediators during confrontations and provides joint defense against common threats.

Each Union planet contributes an equal share of resources to the Union Central Command (UCC) headquarters located on Terra. Any race from the Union worlds can hold positions within the active UCC bureaucracy and space fleet. The Union Space Fleet (USF) is the largest independent joint operation of the organization and is tasked with protecting the shared space of the Void between worlds. It provides maintenance to warp portals and jump gates that connect the Union, along with the patrol and securing of trade routes. The USF also acts as reinforcements to Union planet fleets along the borders of territories on the edge of unknown space. Many ships operate hospitality and humanitarian missions to fledgling colonies outside of the quadrant, along with providing aid and recovery after worldly disasters. One of the top goals of the USF is a science mission set to explore unknown space, documenting new worlds and new life, and make first contact with civilizations on the edge of emerging space technology.

Currently overseen by an appointed android that goes by the name of Elliot, the Union is made up of a 21 member council. Consisting of seven planets from four star systems that partake in the alliance, each planet assigns three representatives to the Union Council through their own methods of selection. One member from each group sits on one of three sub councils that oversee one of the branches of the alliance: USF, UCC, and UST (Union Science and Trade). Through constant communication between organizations, the Union is able to keep the Void safe and open to travel.


Next article, we might stat-up the alternate humans from Terra. Until then, see you in space, Cowboy!

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Faction: ACE or “Who taught you how to fly?” (Starjammer/Starfinder)

The tentacle is back for another article. This time we need to talk about who taught you to fly? What academy did you part-take in? Well let’s make an organization/faction that with built-in plot device.

he tentacle is back for another article. This time we need to talk about who taught you to fly? What academy did you part-take in? Well let’s make an organization/faction that with built-in plot device.

I give you ACE, or Accelerated Certifications of Explorers…

Accelerated Certification of Explorers (ACE)

Pilots for Hire

Leader: CEO and board Chairmen Sheyenne Alexxandra
Headquarters: Alpha Zeta, mobile space station

Two score ago, Accelerated Certification of Explorers, also known as ACE, started as a top gun pilot training academy boasting of the best and brightest from the civilized races around the Quad and beyond the Void. The academy offered a variety of classes ranging from weekend seminars teaching kids to pilot simple single man watercrafts to month-long training simulations on tactical heavy freighter combat. It was in a pilots favor and respected if a pilot held an ACE-approved certification pilot license.

As technology advanced and potential pilots sought cheaper training elsewhere, the ACE program expanded beyond the academy portion of the businesses and branched out to planetary expeditions. They serve as aerial surveillance and security for industrial corporations performing planet side surveys for future developments. The Alpha One (A1) Department services its clients with manned craft and aerial drones protecting the ground crew and providing surveillance shielding for clients that wish to keep operations secret. Providing services of radar jamming and scan deflectors are optional for an additional service fee.

Department Alpha Two (A2) handles requests for security of over long distance travel through hyperspace. Elite A2 starfighter pilots take on escort missions for freighter caravans that need defending from space pirates and organic threats traveling in deep space. This department gives guidance astral navigation through safe routes and pilots assigned to the contract will respond defensively to aggressive actions against employers. However, ACE policy dictates a responsive reaction versus initial confrontation. The pilots that join this department must be skilled in negotiation.

Department Alpha Three (A3) is the salvage and rescue fleet of the ACE company. A3 operates under contracts consisting of simple missions of planet-side equipment retrieval for corporations who left items behind, to answering distress beacons that the Union Worlds do not have time or resources in the area to inspect. The makeup of the A3 hosts a number of large freighters, tow ships, and starfighters equipped with the most advanced scanners and towing technology available.

Rumors persist of a division of the company that offers select services to only the most high profile of clients. ACE Public Relations (PRD) will never confirm the existence of the whispered department within the organization that performs these hush services. However, conspiracy theorists say the Delta Nova Zeta (DNZ) is a corporate mercenary division taking contracts of black ops rescue and withdraws, acting as crack pilot dog fighters bombarding slave ships, emergency medical extractions for undercover corporate or government agents, and performs ethical espionage and sabotage. The DNZ operatives fly in on unmarked ships and disappear before targets can register their movement.

Lead by CEO and Board Chairman Sheyenne Alexxandra, ACE Headquarters is located on a mobile space station that wonders the quadrant known as Alpha Zeta. This station houses a large percentage of ACE internal fleet of ships and offers a wide variety of services to ACE Certified Pilots. These services include medical services and resupply, dormitories for rent, refueling capabilities, including ship repairs and upgrades, an array of equipment (personal and otherwise) for rental and purchase, a job board access with access to freelance contracts and a number of essential services provided to members only.

ACE still operates a number of pilot training facilities among several Union planets, offering local licenses and higher quality ACE certifications. Local licenses focus on the society regulations of the planet, local government and Union qualifications for registered operation of the required craft. Then they offer a more intensive course designed with higher standards and lower graduation rate that qualify the individual as an ACE Certified Pilot. They use these higher courses to scout for potential recruits.

There you go. Small article today. But you have a faction of pilots that do cool stuff.

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